Posted by: travelrat | November 12, 2017

Mount Osorno

2017-02-13 14.37.45

Mount Osorno, Chile 13th February 2017

Mount Osorno is an active volcano, although it hasn’t erupted since 1869. There are many other volcanos in the area, which have erupted since, but Osorno is a favourite with visitors, for it’s a beautiful conical, symmetrical peak, reminiscent of Japan’s Mount Fuji.

With a height of 2652 metres (8701 feet) it’s permanently snow-capped, which makes it most photogenic, and a great favourite with skiers.

Mount Osorno

The coach took us up a winding, zig-zag mountain road to the bottom station of the chairlift. It was possible to ride the chairlift almost up to the summit, but we declined. Even from the bottom stations, we were able to enjoy the aspect of the peak, and a stunning panorama of the valley below and its surrounding mountains.

Mount Osorno 2


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