Posted by: travelrat | April 18, 2018

The Durrell Gardens


Durrell 1Corfu: 18th October 2017

Today was our last day on Corfu, but we weren’t being picked up to be taken to the airport till 8.30 pm. However, the hotel had a facility to store our luggage, and put a room at our disposal for us to freshen up before leaving. So, with a whole day to spend, we boarded the faithful Bus No. 2 to head downtown for some more shopping.

Gerald Durrell

Gerald Durrell

Near the entrance to the Old Fort, we finally found a connection to the Durrells, who lived here in the 1930s. There’s a ‘Durrell Garden’ here, dedicated to them … or rather, two of them; Lawrence and Gerald. Leslie, Margo and ‘Mother’ seem to have missed out. There are sculptures of the two brothers in the garden.

Lawrence Durrell

Lawrence Durrell

Since the hotel is in a one-way traffic system, there were two options for return. We could get off the bus at a stop about 300 metres from the hotel, or we could ride all the way to Kanoni, and get off where we got on earlier … it costs no more!

We made several trips to Kanoni … even on the way home, for the end of the airport’s runway is at Kanoni!

Durrell 2


  1. I’ve been to Corfu town many times and seen the Durrell garden. It seems like they thought it would just attract more tourists, not a lot of info there. Have you been to the White House at Kalami? My mission this year is to find the house featured in the tv prog, where they all lived. We have recognised some of the places where scenes are filmed.

    • No, we didn’t get to the White House … but, there’s an excellent guide to the location of the houses in which the Durrells lived in the excellent little book ‘In the Footsteps of Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell in Corfu (1935-39) by Hilary Whitton Paipeti.

      However, I’m not certain if it’s available outside Corfu … or even if it’s still in print.

      • Thank you! I’ll look for this.

  2. We found it yesterday – it’s not far from Corfu town – about an hour (North) to walk but you can probably get a bus. It’s on the Corfu Town side of the Kontokali peninsula (not sure if that is the name but the bit of land that sticks out in Kontokali). You can just see it from the main coastal road but if you walk along the pebble beach, you can see the house above the wall

    • Thanks for your input! From reading ‘Prospero’s Cell’ I had the impression it was on the west side of the island? Maybe I misinterpreted; maybe he had more than one house? Must see if I can find a copy (I think I still have one somewhere) and check.

  3. Sorry – my reply was in response to Georgie Moon’s comment on trying to find the house from the ITV show Durrells – my directions are for that so not to a house where they actually live. I know the White House where Lawrence Durrell lived is in Kalami in the North East of the island – if you type Durrells house into Google Maps it shows you where it is

  4. And thanks for the tip on the Durrell Garden!

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