Selma, from ‘Selma in the City’ sent me this award some time ago. I didn’t put it up straight away, because I couldn’t find a way to get it into my sidebar. Besides, if I got many others, my sidebar could finish up looking like the front of a Russian Admiral’s uniform … probably a personal thing; when I was in the Air Force, I often got ticked off for not wearing all the medal ribbons I was entitled to.

Maybe this way is a better one? Thanks, Selma!


This one came to me from Sarah Thornberry, who asked me to try her Traveller’s Quiz at

Try it; it’s fun!

This one from Viewbug.


  1. Not sure when you got this, Keith, but well done!
    You do have a great blog.

  2. Ditto. Allan Quatermain.

    • I often wonder whether I’m Allan Quatermain as played by Stewart Granger or Sean Connery … or written about by Rider Haggard! 😀

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