My original idea of ‘making pages’ was to talk about countries I’d visited before I started the blog. I’m pretty well caught up now, but I see no reason to discontinue the pages. What I’ll do from here on in is get all the links together in one place, and do a slide show of the pictures I wanted to include in the main blog, but didn’t, for fear of over-egging the pudding.

However, don’t be surprised if an article appears here that I couldn’t place elsewhere!

Good links are:

















and, our hotel:

http://www.hotel-kanta.com/english/hotel.htm . I recommend everything but the resident singer and pianist!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



  1. Hi Keith,
    We are looking at maybe going to Tunisia and Morocco next year. Unfortunately Hubby gets his holidays in April next year, which neither of us are very happy with, but can’t do anything about.

    It’s a very long trip as usual, we could fly from Brisbane to Singapore, Singapore to Cairo, Cairo to Tunisia, and then onto Casablanca. Our other alternative is to go via Dubai, and we both don’t particularly like Dubai.

    Seeing as how we have to go to Cairo, it would be very hard for us not to spend some time there, but time is short, also sand storms at that time of year, so we will see.

    I loved your slide show, very good pictures, and I also had a look at your links. (1st link is broken) we are still looking into the different tours on offer.

    • I’d strongly advise that you do some research on visa requirements, and whether or not Tunisian currency is obtainable outside the country; you can read about the hassle we had by reading https://travelrat.wordpress.com/2008/07/14/tunis-airport-the-arrival/, and, if you follow the link, there’s a podcast about the problems another Australian had.

      However (hopefully!) things may have changed since then.

  2. Hi Keith,
    Thanks for the heads up about the visa’s, I had heard about the money, at this point in time it is still illegal to take the money out of the Country, therefor you cannot obtain any of their money until you are actually in the Country. Hmm, everyone seems to want Euros these days.

    I’m still looking into the weather side at the moment, I know in Egypt it is bad for sand storms, it’s a long way to travel if we can’t see some things because of this type of weather.
    22hrs just to get to Cairo Airport. and as you know the airfares from Australia to anywhere is expensive because of the distances.

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