Posted by: travelrat | June 9, 2010

The Lake District Peninsulas

If you’re driving to the English Lake District on the A590 road, you will see signs urging you to visit the Lake District Peninsulas. I do wonder how much the ‘Powers that Be’ paid some neddy to think this name up, especially as the area already had a perfectly serviceable name.

Before they started messing around with the county boundaries back in 1974, they called the district ‘Furness’, which described that part of Lancashire which was cut off from the rest of the county by the Kent estuary. Although it’s now in Cumbria, the name still lives on in certain places, like Barrow in Furness, Dalton in Furness and Furness Abbey.

Anyway, if, instead of turning right at Newby Bridge or Greenodd, you go straight on at Greenodd, or turn left at any time after leaving the motorway, you will find there’s still a few ‘hidden gems’ to discover. I’m going to use the ‘Wednesday Dish’ for the next couple of weeks to describe a couple of places we visited on a recent visit there.

We were staying … actually, crashing on an airbed on the floor of my Dad’s flat … in Grange over Sands. And, there’s another clue; as far as most of the folk in Lancashire were concerned, Grange was ‘over the sands’, which, although you cross those sands without expert guidance at your peril, in olden times, it was still the safest way to get to Furness.


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  2. I love the Lake District. I really want to live there. Oh, look at it. It is just gorgeous!

    • I love comments like that; as I said in my latest post, what I hear most of all is ‘It’s nice, but I wouldn’t want to live here’ (I’d like to, but I can’t afford it)

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