About me


Official Bio

Having written for fun while serving in the Royal Air Force, Keith Kellett developed his hobby into a business when he retired. He has published in many print magazines, and on the Web.

With time on his hands, he produced more work, and found, to his surprise, it ‘grew and grew’ and was good enough to finance his other hobbies; travelling, photography and computers. He is trying hard to prevent it from becoming a full-time job!

He lives near Salisbury, in the south of England, and is presently trying to get his head around blogging, podcasting and video.

Unofficial Bio:


What else is there to say? I like travelling, writing about it, and taking images, still and video … and like sharing them. I like talking about it, too, and, as soon as I’ve worked out a way to incorporate my sound files into the blog, you’ll be hearing from me! (I’m getting there! At the moment, I can put in links to my sound files … I’ll learn how to embed soon)


Whether you’re a real or virtual traveller, I hope you like what you see here; to quote the old adage, if you like what you see, tell your friends; if you don’t, tell me!

Stay well!

Keith (Travelrat)

If you want to contact me, I’m at  keithkellett@ntlworld.com   


  1. Hi Keith,

    Love the blog and the postr about the brichure collecting, be there still got the sore back.
    Would it be possible for us to include your rss in our new travel bookmarking site http://www.traveldigger.co.uk, we like to ask before adding.

    Best Regards


  2. Sure, Boydie!

    As they say, no publicity is bad publicity!



  3. Hi Keith,
    Wasn’t sure where to ask you this! Have just read your new bit about the legal stuff—so, I’m curious, did you have a problem with that? ie with someone taking something of yours?

  4. Hi, Keith. Do you have an email to write to, I want to ask for permission to post a photo. Otherwise, I could put the question into a comment here.

    Thanks for information,
    Cambridge, Massachusettts

  5. Vivienne: I didn’t, but someone I know did … just lifted an article, pasted it into a blog and put it under his own name! My friend complained to the blog’s operator … that blog is now ‘no more’

    ispring: keith-kellett@tinyworld.co.uk

  6. Hi Keith,
    A quick thanks for linking to both my blogs—I must be mad in the head to do that! We’ll see how it goes.

  7. Was reading your comments on TravelWriter – do you really think Stonehenge should be in a Bottom 10 List?


  8. Yes, I do!

    I think it’s an over-exploited mess, and certainly not what a World Heritage Site deserves. Perhaps if the Stonehenge Plan had gone ahead, it might once more had a more appropriate surrounding, but as it is now, I fear it falls well short of some people’s expectations.

  9. Well, congratulations for your virtual presence, you have done a very good job. I would be delighted to receive your comments.
    Here is the link for the file uploaded:

    Ing.Lawrence Saliba

  10. Lawrence:

    I was in Malta with the RAF in 1972, but only know it slightly.

    I’ve only had time for a quick glance through your ebook, and I am impressed! I will have a deeper read later, when I’ve taken care of some business & I’ll email some comments and suggestions for you.



  11. Hi there, Keith! Do you remember last May, you asked me to get a photo of the Captain Cook Monument on Hawaii’s Big Island? And that I couldn’t get it for you, but I sent instead a comically disastrous photo of me with volcanic smoke appearing to billow out from my ear?

    Well…I’m happy to say that I just returned from Hawaii, and this time I made certain to get a couple of lovely shots of that monument. Would you like me to send them on, or has their moment passed?

    Mudslide Mama at TravelingMamas dot com

  12. I emailed you about it. Did you get it?

    Best wishes for 2009! 😀


  13. I love your site. Keep it up !

  14. Hi Keith – Thanks for your comments on my blog on Europe/US Differences in Driving.

    Best Regards,

  15. Were you in Austria in this photo? I swear I recognize the mountain range.

    • No, in France. That’s the Aravis range, in the French Alps

  16. Hi Keith,
    It is always a pleasure reading your posts. also at giftedtravel where I write too…
    I was just looking for a place to contact you and a mail id..but couldn’t so thought of writing here. I admire the way your posts have the personal touch and still a wealth of information. So much to learn as a writer…thanks.

    • Namaste, Atula!

      Email coming your way.


  17. hi Keith..

    Your blog seems to be very lively, I really enjoyed reading or should I say watching your last blog post about “french house party”. It seems that a lot of people were having a lot of fun over there!

    by the way, I’m offering link exchange from my client’s website speedypin.com, I can place your link over our travel and vacation page (see here: http://speedypin.com/phone/card/travel.html) if you can place our site on your travel resource link.

    I’ll be keeping an eye for your email so that we can discuss more about this..

    thanks in advance!

  18. Sub: Blog Partnership Request!

    Hello Keith,

    My name is Eashwar and I work for ExpedientInfoMedia.com, a blog Network with 24+ growing blogs.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog travelrat.wordpress.com and thought of dropping in a word.

    I have initiated an idea to create a blog roll in our blog http://www.thetravelerszone.com. As both the blogs deal similar topics, it would greatly benefit the visitors; if we could link to each other.

    All you need to do is, add our blog to your blog roll and we will do the same.

    Do let me know if you have any other ideas to cross-promote our blog’s content; like guest posting, feature promotions etc.

    I look forward to working with you for a mutual partnership.

    Channel Editor, Expedient Info Media

  19. Hi, nice to meet you !

  20. Hi Keith.

    I doubt we are related. I was in a tour bus travelling thru Codford and I recognized the Rising Sun carved into the hill. The bus driver did not know it even existed. Whilst reading a book on the WW1 AIF it confirmed what I had seen.

    • Hi, John!

      I thought my father had commented here at first … although he is getting on a bit, and doesn’t do computers.

      Codford isn’t one of the most popular tour-coach stops; I don’t think there’s many places to park, and few, if any, facilities. People wishing to visit usually drive themselves there, or use the Salisbury-Warminster bus, which calls at Codford hourly.

      However, in addition to the ANZAC badge, there’s also an ANZAC military cemetery here, and I’m surprised the courier didn’t know about them, especially as many Australians and New Zealanders choose the coach-tour as a way of seeing as much of Britain and Europe as possible.

      • Sorry I am also on the seniors team and did not realiize I should have stuck to the “about me” page. The book I got the information from is a history of the conduct of our troops whilst in the back lines and on leave and I must say (if true) you guys would have seen us in an unwelcoming light.

  21. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you have any advertising options available? Let me know if this is a possibility and I would be happy to share details. 

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Christina!

      I’m not allowed to accept advertising in the accepted sense of the word, but I do post about sponsored trips and visits I’ve undertaken, usually for other pubs as well; see https://travelrat.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/the-view-from-the-top-nearly/ for an example.

      However, I do insist on freedom to say what I like, and always disclose that the trip was sponsored.

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  23. Greetings from Australia. You helped me with my university assignment. Thank so much.

  24. Hi Keith — Lovely blog! I look forward to stopping by here now and then! And thanks for your comment at One Man’s Wonder!!

    • Hi, Jeffrey! Thank you, and thanks for stopping by!

      I’ve visited your blog two or three times now, and greatly admire the thoughts inspired by everyday stuff most people take for granted.

      There’s a link going up on my blogroll as soon as I’ve finished here.

      Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,


  25. Thanks, Keith. I’m really tickled to be on your blogroll! Just one thing: would you mind changing it from One Man’s View to One Man’s Wonder? Thanks!
    (You sound like the kind of guy I’d like to end up sitting next to on an airplane — and vicariously enjoying all the places you’ve been!)

    • Done!

      Sorry, slip of the keyboard! 🙂

  26. Hi Keith, I read your article about “The Way of St. James” and liked it a lot. I am a mollusks researcher am presently writing a paper of the cockle-shell. I would like to use your beautiful photo of the Pilgrim statue in Carrion de los Condes to be printed in my paper, of course quoting its authorship; my paper should be published in the Newsletter of the Italian Society of Malacology. Do you have a better resolution photo of the statue for me?
    I would be grateful.
    Best regards,
    Giambattista Bello from Mola di Bari, Italy

  27. Hi Keith,

    I am one of your followers on Twitter and would like to put one of your stories on our site. http://www.holidaydestinationsaroundtheworld.com
    We are based in The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

    If you agree to this we would link this to your site and if you would like to continue to send us stories we would profile you as one of our travel writers. http://holidaydestinationsaroundtheworld.com/customPages/travel-writers?subSiteId=1

    I see this as a win win situation and a great way to promote your website to a different audience throughout the world.
    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

  28. Hi Keith,
    How are you? Your blog is fab. I have really enjoyed reading through some of your stories.
    Just wondering if you accept guest blogs at all?
    Many thanks
    Sarah 🙂

    • Hi, Sarah!

      Yes, I would welcome something … I really think my grand-daughter’s held the ‘Guest Page’ for long enough. The bad news is, I can’t pay!

      If this is OK, the guidelines are:

      300-500 words ideally; top weight 800 (1000 if it’s really good!)
      At least vaguely travel related.
      No blatant advertorial stuff.
      One photograph … either a mugshot or someting to illustrate the piece. Must be your own stuff, or something you have the rights to.
      Nothing the Vicar’s wife would object to.

      Hope to hear from you soon,



  29. Hi Keith,
    That is great do you have an e.mail address that I could reach you on?
    Mine is Sarah@redmudmedia.com.

  30. Hi Keith, very enjoyable blog you have here, and some fabulous photos. xxx Ailsa

  31. We are a small London based Translation Agency. We have a high quality blog http://readers-cafe.com/ . We would like to contribute by writing a Guest post on your blog which can appeal to your audience. We really like your blog and would love to contribute. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in the offer on hiren@translationservices24.com . We are not spammers we are bloggers just like you.

  32. Hi Keith,
    Love your blog which I’ve just found on Travelbloggers Unite. I wonder if I could ask for your help, or if you could point me in the direct where help is available? I’m trying to set up a blog on WordPress but confused about the .com and .org, what I should pay for and what not. I already have a blog on blogpost but find the wordpress ones much better. If you would email me on mari@traveljournalist.co.uk I could get back to you with more details.
    I live on the Isle of Wight, have been blogging (only occasionally) for a few years but travel writing, print and web, for about 25 years, and like you have done Vaughntown. Some of my print work can be seen on http://www.travelwriters.co.uk/marinicholson and some web stuff on http://www.theTravelEditor.com
    Thanks. Mari

  33. Great bio. You have nearly same hobbies than I have or had: “travelling, photography and computers”. I was not specialized with computers, but I learned programming. When retired in 2004, now I am photographing and blogging. Few last years I have been travelling around in my own country Finland which I had not tome to explore when I worked. I worked for Finnair nearly 40 years.

    Here is my

    About me.

    full loaded photos presenting my life.

    I checked Your photos from many posts and they are gorgeous.

    Happy travel.

    • Hi, Sartenada!

      I had a look at your blog, and they are indeed great photos! I’m looking forward to Helsinki; our cruise ship, the ‘Black Watch’ calls there on the 29th November. We have a city tour booked, and, hopefully, there’ll be some free time too.

      Thanks very much for your kind words and comments!



      • I checked Black Watch from Internet. Is it the same ship which is built in Helsinki 1972? I guess that You notice that

        Allure of the Seas – world’s biggest cruise ship

        is built in Finland?

        It is a pity that You have short time visiting Helsinki. I have made 21 posts from Helsinki and they tell to You how Helsinki is in reality.

        Here are my posts (21):

        Helsinki photos.


    • Yes, that’s right. According to Wikipedia …’She was built by Wärtsilä Helsinki New Shipyard, Finland for Royal Viking Line as Royal Viking Star, entering service in 1972. ‘

  34. Love your blog posts and have been digging into the archives. I am also taken with the lay-out of your opening page and am desperately trying to do something similar but with little technical knowledge I’m finding it difficult.

    Anyway, love your stuff. Keep it going.

    • Hi, Mari!

      If it’s any use to you, I use the ‘Ocean Mist’ theme … you select it by going to the dashboard, clicking on ‘Appearance’, on the left-hand side of the screen, then ‘Themes’, and select the one you want.

      I’ve customised the header with my own photographs … you do this by selecting ‘Appearance’ again, then ‘Header’, and just follow the instructions you see there.

      Hope this helps!

  35. At the moment, my problem is that the categories refuse to appear in alphetical order, I have 3 with the same name and two with another. I tried deleting but I lost the posts. I have made new categories, submitted etc. but it doesn’t seem to appear in the list of categories when I look under Appearance. Guess I’ll figure it out one day but there are so many other things to occupy one! I’ve put a query on the Forum if you would care to comment and thank you in advance, if you do.

  36. Hey Keith, I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! If you’re interested, details here: http://fractionsoftheworld.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/liebster-blogger-award-nomination/

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  38. Cool site!

  39. My granddad was in the air force too! The IAF, though, not the RAF.

    Just curious– why ‘travel rat’?

    • On one of the squadrons I served in, a ‘rat’ was a person who did or liked anything to excess … for instance, a guy who ate a lot of apples was the ‘Apple Rat’. We also had the Ski Rat, the Bike Rat and even the Newcastle Brown Rat.

      (There was one guy who liked female company more than most … but I don’t think WordPress would approve if I told his nickname! :D)

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