I’ve had a few changes forced on me by the fact that will shortly be ceasing operations. So, I’ve withdrawn the slide shows on here, and replaced them with the new ‘Carousel’ feature, showing my pictures from visits to the Haut Savoie and the French House Party near Carcassonne.

Just click on any picture in the gallery to start, and change pictures by using the arrows you’ll see at the side.


  1. As always, pictures of French food make me really hungry! Great gallery, Haute Savoie is really one of the most beautiful regions of France!

  2. It is very hard to dislike France! Few things on earth are better than a fresh baguette and a selection of French cheeses. I notice you haven’t made it over to Malta yet on your travels – it is small, but definitely worth a visit!

    • Hi, David! I have been to Malta, but it was a long time ago … 1972!! I imagine a lot has changed since then.

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