Posted by: travelrat | November 14, 2017

Getting Around Corfu

HoHo Bus

As I’ve said many times, one of the best ways to orient yourself anywhere is to look for the familiar livery of the City Sightseeing  ‘hop on/hop off’ open-top bus tours ( ) . They operate in most places where people like to holiday, and Corfu is no exception. There are two routes; ‘Line 1’ tours the Old Town before going down to Kanoni and Mon Repos, and ’Line 2’ runs to the Achilleion … more about these places later.

And, the Anemomylos  (windmill) stop on Line 1 was right outside our hotel.

Round the corner from this is where the KEM ‘blue bus’ stops; Service No. 2, which, because of a one-way system, plies a circular route between the Old Fort and Kanoni. These buses are the way to get around once you’ve used the ‘hop on/hop off’ service to familiarise yourself where everything is.

You can buy a ticket at the nearby kiosk for the princely sum of €1.20; if you buy it from the driver, it will cost €1.50. But, this ticket is only good for the No, 2 service; if you want to use any other service, you can buy a ticket at the KEM kiosk in San Rocco Square, where all the buses call. Better still, you can buy a ‘day ticket’ here for €5, with which you can ride the whole network, between Ipsos in the north and Benitses in the south, all day, hopping on and hopping off as you will.

If you wish to journey further afield, you’ll need the ‘Green Bus’ (so called because of its colour, not its environment-friendliness) The ‘Green Bus’ station is a little way from the centre of things … but, it’s on the 6, 10 and 15 routes. However, I can’t comment on these buses, because we haven’t ridden them. Maybe, if we revisit Corfu, and wish to journey further afield?

Other ways of getting around, which we didn’t try, are the ‘land train’ and the ubiquitous horse-drawn carriages. And, I wonder why, when you’re trying to photograph or video them, the occupants almost always feel a need to wave?



  1. I try to find these buses wherever I go as I find them the best way to get around and orient oneself in a city. Need to ask the price first though, as when I was in Dubai last year we just hopped on and found the cost for the day was £67! Quite a shock. But not as bad as finding that going to the Top of the Burj worked out at £114 just to whoosh up ‘the fastest elevator in the world’ and look out on desert when you got to the top. Oh, you got a cup of coffee and some dates at the halfway stage!

    • I usually check out the website before I go, to see if there is a tour … the price is usually given here, On the advice of our guide, we just admired the Burj from the outside. She said ‘In Dubai, if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it!’ 😀

      • Needless to say, I didn’t go up the Burj, just looked from afar. Your advce on checking out the website before we go though is a good one. At least then we would be prepared.

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