Posted by: travelrat | May 2, 2016

Adriatic Sunset

Adriatic Sunset

Adriatic Sea: 9th April 2015

I got a lot of pictures of sunrises on this cruise, for I usually rise early, and like to take a turn around the decks when there aren’t many people about. But, I got very few sunsets. Although the cruise brochures often show passengers enjoying cocktails with a backdrop of a setting sun, it doesn’t often happen in real life. Because, when the sun decides to give it best for the evening … most folk are at dinner.

However, at dinner this night, the sunset was so beautiful that most people abandoned their meals, and dashed out on deck to witness it. And, since it was a gala night, most diners had cameras with them.

‘I wonder what the maitre d’ is thinking’ said someone close to me ‘seeing all the diners dash out of the restaurant like that’

‘I think he’d understand!’ I said … pointing to the maitre d’ standing by the rail, taking pictures with his Iphone like the rest of us.

Maitre d'


  1. beautiful sunset…

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