Posted by: travelrat | May 1, 2016

Travel Theme: Poetry


I am informed that Ireland celebrated National Poetry Day on Thursday, and the US celebrates National Poetry Month every April. When I worked for a living, we celebrated ‘Poets Day’ every Friday … although, in our case, it stood for ‘P*** Off Early; Tomorrow’s Saturday’!

I have to admit, I’m not the greatest aficionado of poetry. I put this down to the fact that I grew up not a dozen miles from where William Wordsworth ‘ … wandered lonely as a cloud’, and had my fill of Mr. Wordsworth and his ‘ … dank verses, stuff’d with Lakeland sedges … ‘ by the time I was out of short pants.

Of course, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme; it’s also about the ‘metre’, or rhythm. I think of:

There was a young man from Japan

Whose verses just would not scan.

‘The trouble with me,

Is easy to see

I will insist on trying to fit as many damn words into the last friggin line as I possibly can’

And, speaking of Japan:

There was a young man

Who didn’t like limericks

So he wrote haiku.

The limerick is one of my favourite verse forms, although it’s hard these days to think of one that isn’t obscene, libellous or politically incorrect. So, ‘The Dirty Old Bishop of Birmingham …’  is definitely out, because that’s all three.

Where you can have most fun with limericks is on the sometimes odd spelling or pronunciation of British place names, like:

There was a young girl from Carlisle

Who had such a bright, beaming smisle

In the darkness of night

She’d go out on her bike

And light up the road for a misle.

And, finally, my all time (printable) favourite:

A sea serpent from Salamanca

Bit a hole in a warship and sanca

It ate up the crew

(as sea serpents do)

And then picked its teeth with the anca.

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