Posted by: travelrat | August 10, 2016

The Sleeper Bus


I first saw a vehicle like this in a lay-by on Anglesey back in the 1970s. The coach was pulling a trailer, which contained a sort of field-kitchen affair, doling out hamburgers and sausages to the coach passengers. The trailer also contained … sleeping compartments, which looked more like those specialised trucks they carry racing pigeons around in.

The idea will never catch on, I thought … until, over 30 years later, I saw this vehicle in the coach park at Stonehenge. It was different to the one on Anglesey, in that the sleeping quarters were actually part of the bus, not on a trailer. And, although the ‘field kitchen’ is still incorporated, the courier told me they offer a far more varied menu than hamburgers and sausage.

Well, I thought … there is such a thing as a sleeper train, so why not a sleeper coach?

Out of curiosity, I checked out their website … they’re at … and found they offer tours all over the world; some of them to remote places. They operate a variety of vehicles, from an all-in-one coach, for European travel to more sturdy rigs for wilder places, with the sleeping quarters/kitchen in a separate trailer.

There was one question unanswered … what did they do about washing and toilet arrangements? ‘We park up at campsites for the night, and use their facilities’, the courier told me. Presumably, they make other arrangements when they really go out into really remote areas?

So, it’s not really a ‘curiosity’ … it’s a 20-seater RV, really!

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