Posted by: travelrat | August 8, 2016

Whales, bears, trains and stuff

Whale 1

What I’m about to say could get me expelled from the camera club for blasphemy, but I’ve just come to the conclusion that photography isn’t the be-all and end-all of travelling. You can still have the experiences, and usually, nobody’s going to disbelieve you, and insist on seeing ‘photographic evidence’ of your travels

I’ve been putting a bit of stuff on the Web lately, which I’ve had to qualify with the words ‘I didn’t get any satisfactory photographs’. Maybe I did get some pictures, but not, I thought, good enough to share online. I always remember a very good friend, who, when told his pictures ‘came out well’ usually replied:

‘If they hadn’t, you wouldn’t have seen them!’

I once read an interview with a National Geographic photographer, who said he could shoot over a dozen rolls of film on an assignment, but maybe only two frames would be used … if he was lucky. I’m not that selective, but generally, I sort those pictures that do pass muster into ‘good’ (which I’m prepared to share on the web) and ‘great’, which I’ll enter into competitions and the like.

The other day, the Rocky Mountaineer train people announced a competition for photos taken from their trains. I have plenty of photos, I thought; my camera hardly stopped. But, I changed my mind when I took a closer look. Only about a dozen fell into the ‘good’ category … although there were more that could be ‘rescued’ with a little cropping. And, only two could be classified as ‘great’

So, let’s hope the judges think they’re ‘great’, too.

I’m not crossing any of these great experiences off the list. I’d go again tomorrow, given the chance. And, I’d still take my camera with me.

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