Posted by: travelrat | February 20, 2009

Sign of Spring



In Spring every year, at Stonehenge Ales at Netheravon, owner and master brewer Stig Andersen produces his seasonal brew, Sign of Spring, a green beer.

Now, many breweries usually produce a green beer, especially around St. Patrick’s Day; I’ve never understood why, because most Irishmen I know prefer the ‘black stuff’. They usually make green beer by simply adding green food colorant to an existing brew.

It’s not quite as easy as that with Sign of Spring. Although food dye is part of the equation, the beer is brewed to its own unique recipe. And, very nice it is, too.

Stonehenge Ales is a small independent brewery located in the old watermill at Netheravon. It’s called the Old Mill. Although it isn’t really a mill; the only grain ever brought in there was used to make beer, not flour. It’s not that old, either. It was built in the First World War, to use the river to generate electricity for the nearby airfield.

Its construction made it ideal for the installation of the traditional ‘tower’ brewery, in which everything in the brewing process travels downwards by gravity, using only one pump in the whole process. I always thought it was a pity the water wheel no longer existed, because that could have been used to drive that pump..

What comes out at the bottom? Well, you can taste the result all over Wiltshire, and beyond! And, if your plans don’t cover a visit to Wiltshire in the near future, you can have a ‘virtual taste’ at . You can find out about the other beers produced there, too.



  1. I am intrigued that a Swedish guy is brewing ale in your neck of the woods. It does look good though. The Old Mill is lovely!!

    • He isn’t Swedish; he’s Danish.

      And, you know what Danish beer is like (think Carlsberg, Tuborg etc) … 😀

  2. I’d be very happy to try that in person someday!

  3. The green beer is delicious just had two pints in ever slew Hampshire , have a pint before it runs dry Mmmmm

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