Posted by: travelrat | January 5, 2011

Back to Normal … For a Short While

I promised a better picture of William as soon as I got home; I’m back home now, so here it is! ‘Operation Re-distribution of Relatives’ is now complete, and everyone’s back where they should be … except Charlotte, who doesn’t go back to Uni until next week. 

We went to see ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ at the Bradford Alhambra on Sunday. What a place that is; you walk from the art-deco foyer into an auditorium that hasn’t changed its décor since the ‘old time music hall’ of Victorian times … and saw a super display of 3D special effects from time to time. I did wonder why we were being handed 3D specs to see a live performance!

We’d celebrated the New Year by launching Chinese lanterns; there were some who said we should have waited for Chinese New Year, and celebrated ours by letting off fireworks like everyone else. This seemed a much better, gentler way; as the lanterns soared skyward, they seemed to carry our wishes for 2011 with them.

Happy New Year!


  1. Hi Keith,
    What a fantastic picture, he does look gorgeous, is that Mum holding William? I love the smile, so proud, and every right to be.

    How unusual to have 3D effects with a live performance, I never heard of this before, I would of loved to have seen that, I’m assuming it put a nice twist to the whole show.

    • That’s Megan, his big sister!

      They did the 3D special effects during the ‘magic mirror’ scene in ‘Snow White’, & very effective they were, too … I saw several people brush themselves down after the Prince broke the mirror, and they seemed to get the pieces all over them.

      I wonder if the modern 3D pictures are anything like that; if so, it would be a vast improvement on those of the 50s, which looked more like animated pop-up books.

      • Hi Keith,
        His big sister, she has a beautiful smile, her whole face lights up.

        Definitely go and see a 3D movie, you will love it. What you experienced at the show, is exactly what you get at the movies. These days you wear the 3D glasses all the way through the movie, it’s nothing like the old 3D. I’m sure you will be amazed.

  2. Oh, I just noticed your new header on your blog, very nice.

  3. Look at his little face – what an angel. Awww. You must be as proud as punch!

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