Posted by: travelrat | January 7, 2011

Lake Mackenzie

Fraser Island: 29th July 2010.

At Eurong, we turned inland to drive over a rough track through the forest to Lake Mackenzie. At the time of our visit, work was in progress to improve the car park and toilet block, and only coach parties were allowed.

‘Privateers’ aren’t excluded completely, though. There are over 100 freshwater lakes on the island, and that’s the second largest concentration of lakes in Australia; Tasmania has the largest. They’re also claimed to be among the clearest and cleanest lakes in the world.

Mackenzie isn’t the biggest, but probably the best known lake, although I have to admit I hadn’t heard of it till Steve Irwin mentioned it on one of his ‘Crocodile Hunter’ programmes. However, it went onto my ‘bucket list’ immediately. It takes its name from the owner of a former logging company nearby, whose men used to use it as a recreational area. The sand around the lake is almost pure silica, and white … showing my photos afterwards, I had to explain several times that wasn’t snow on the lake shore.

When we’d had a paddle and taken all the pictures we wanted, Woody took us on a walk along a boardwalk through the rain forest. We passed over a creek; again, difficult to photograph, for the water was so clear, the pictures looked more like a path through the trees. And, not only could we not see it, but …

What CAN’T you hear?’ asked Woody.

What we couldn’t hear was the creek; because there were no rocks in the bottom to make noise, the waters went their way absolutely silently.


  1. Hi Keith,
    Fraser Island is a beautiful spot isn’t it. Did anyone have time to go for a swim in the Lakes? The Lakes are just so clear, fresh and clean, of course the water is filtered through all the sand, which keeps it really clean. It’s great that you were able to cross something off your bucket list.
    Really like the photo’s, they do give you a feel for the Island.

  2. We did have time for a swim if we wanted, but the water was a bit on the cool sode, so we just had a paddle.

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