Posted by: travelrat | October 8, 2010

The CityCat

Aboard the CityCat: Photo by Lorraine D. Kellett

Brisbane: 24th July 2010

We had an excellent view of the city from the Wheel of Brisbane, but there’s just as good a view from the river. After all, William Wordworth said as much, although, admittedly, he was talking of the English Lake District, rather than Brisbane.

Several companies offer cruises on the river, including one that operates paddle boats. Or, you could use the CityCat, and efficient and frequent service by modern, streamlined catamarans which ply up and down the Brisbane River, and are part of the city’s transport network.

There’s no commentary, but if you have someone who knows Brisbane with you, and can point out the more interesting things to be seen, that doesn’t matter. They get you around a lot faster, too … and they’re cheaper.

For a boat trip on the other side of the world, see my latest at


  1. Hi Keith,
    Hope you had a wonderful day doing the tour of Brissy. I noticed the clouds in the photo, and it seems you caught a fair bit of the rainy weather while you were here in Australia.
    It is really raining very hard at the moment, and I’m assuming we will have some small floods somewhere in the low laying areas.

    We got our first seasonal storm last night, only small compared to what we usually get, but it’s not yet summer. It started at about 3am here, and the thunder woke me up with a fright, Hubby’s on night shift at the moment, and I wondered what on earth it was at first. 😆

    • I wasn’t expecting great things, visiting in what is, after all, an Aussie winter … but that’s whale season! And, the weather only curtailed our activities once, and even that didn’t matter; they gave us a free ticket for the following day.

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