Posted by: travelrat | January 7, 2008

Sydney Bus Ride

Eddy Street, Sydney  Sydney, 3rd December 2007

In retrospect, we should have taken the Sydney Open-Top Bus Ride before the Harbour Cruise, because there was a discount available on the cruise on production of your bus ticket … but not vice-versa.

The timing wouldn’t have been a problem; we could have boarded at the railway station, ‘hopped off’ at Circular Quay, taken the cruise then ‘hopped on’ a subsequent bus to continue the tour.

The buses are run by City Sightseeing, a British-based company (and, what could be more British than a red, double-decker bus?) who run open-top bus tours in many major cities around the world.

A word of warning, though … Sydney isn’t used to double-decker buses, and low-hanging branches can be a hazard.

The commentary is given by a well-known (it says here!) actor, and is pretty comprehensive, although I can’t help wondering if every suburb of Sydney was once a red-light district? But, you can sit back and enjoy the ride; even a traffic jam isn’t much of a problem … you get a longer ride, and more time to take your photographs or video.

Two tours are available; your ticket is valid for both, as many times as you like within the period of validity of the ticket. They are the City Tour and the Bondi Tour. This last goes out to the famed Bondi Beach, where it stays for half an hour. And, to tell the truth, I wondered what all the fuss was about.

It’s a pleasant enough place, but I’ve seen beaches that are every bit as good elsewhere. Maybe I should have come when surf is up?

And, the photograph? Well, I have a confession to make … it was a pure fluke, and I couldn’t do it again if I tried for the rest of my life. But, it is rather good, isn’t it.

(Check out to see if they have a tour in a city near you. And, don’t throw your ticket away. You can use it to get a discount on your next City Sightseeing tour)


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  2. That is a great photo. I am not a fan of Bondi beach, either. So overrated. Give me the south coast beaches anytime!

  3. Bondi’s quite the tourist trap; I was rather disappointed to discover it to be overrun with those horrible cheap food joints that display pictures of their meals out the front (always a bad sign).

    Fortunately, there are much nicer beaches to be found by walking south from Bondi; Bronte beach, for example, and quite a few along the way there. It’s much smaller, but hasn’t got the rampant commercialism…

  4. Hi, Paul!

    Are you in Sydney?

    Hope you like the blog: much more to come from NSW.

  5. No, I’m from Melbourne; maybe that’s why I wasn’t all that impressed with Bondi 😉

    Nah, seriously, there’s some lovely beaches up there in Sydney, and I thought Manly beach was great.

    Love the blog, hope you enjoyed your time in Australia…

  6. I did … I visit relatives in Australia every 3 years or so. Mainly in Adelaide; this is my first time in Sydney for quite a while.

    I’m trying to persuade one of my brothers-in-law to move to Melbourne. I don’t know anyone there, and would really love to visit.

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