Pic of the Week

Angkor Wat 1

This isn’t the best picture I ever took, by any means. But, I finally got a phone that takes pictures, and I regard it as a ‘back-up emergency stand-by’, for use on those rare accasions when I see something snappable but don’t have a camera to hand.


  1. very cool

  2. Is it of Roman origin? Looks like it.

  3. They didn’t say … but, it could be.

  4. Pic of the week is a great idea, Keith.
    we take lots of beer pics too—-and people drinking beer! Good stuff.

  5. Hey, Vivienne!

    Liked your interview on Liz Lewis’ blog! Well done!

  6. They are fantastic bridges. Thank you so much for including them. I really like the design and span of them!

  7. Love it. Now I really, really, really want to go there!

    • Stick around! There’s video to come.

  8. Hi Keith,
    Good photo.

  9. A gorgeous rose. A yellow rose means true love, doesn’t it? Awwww.

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