Posted by: travelrat | September 19, 2021

The Angel of Mons

Amesbury is assembling quite a collection of statues and sculptures. These, however, are just on loan, and represent the ties between Amesbury and the Army.

They commemorate an incident said to have occurred on the 23rd August 1916, at the Battle of Mons. A regiment was facing defeat at the hands of German forces, when an angel is said to have come to their assistance, accompanied by a group of mediaeval bowmen, who shot flaming arrows at the enemy.

There’s no mention of this incident in official records, but several people of all ranks claimed it did happen. I first heard the story from a group of WWI veterans in the early 1970s, when we went for refreshments at the British Legion after a Remembrance Day parade.

‘We never came across anyone who’d actually seen it’ I was told ‘but everyone ‘knew someone who knew someone who had a friend’ who witnessed it!’

So, how to explain it? Unexplained natural phenomenon, or was it truly a miracle? I make no judgement; it doesn’t really matter if you believe it or not. You can still admire the sculptures, made up of old tools and car and motorcycle parts, and sprayed with a bronze lacquer, for striking and unusual pieces of art.

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