Posted by: travelrat | September 12, 2021


Our first walk into Whitby brought us out by a quayside. To it was moored … the Endeavour or, to give it its full title, His Majesty’s Bark Endeavour. Not the ‘original’, of course; that’s at the bottom of the sea, off Nantucket, where she was sunk as a harbour defence. Nor is it the sea-going replica; that’s in Australia.

This is the non-sea-going replica, which I last saw in Stockton on Tees many years ago. It was, I found out later, towed from there to its present location. Whitby was where it was built, and began its career, as the collier bark Earl of Pembroke, before being bought into the Navy, renamed and sailed to the South Seas under the command of Lieutenant James Cook.

Tours of the ship are available, and there’s now a restaurant on board. We just made a note of these facts for a possible future visit.

One thing I noticed immediately; it now sports bright blue paintwork on the hull. Surely, that’s not authentic? But, someone has decided that HMS Victory, in far-away Portsmouth was a sort of lemon yellow, rather than the sort of orangey brown that most people believe most warships were painted. So, it’s possible ,,, especially considering that Endeavour wasn’t really a warship.

I must try to do some research into this.

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