Posted by: travelrat | July 27, 2021

Back on the Road Again

Chesterfield: 18th July 2021

I’ve redefined my definition of a road trip. It’s not a slog along a featureless motorway from A to B; it’s seeing things. Rather than take the trip to Darlington in one bite, we thought we’d overnight somewhere in the Midlands … a habit we may get into permanently.

We took a route through the Cotswolds, because the British Grand Prix was being held this weekend, and our usual route along the A43 would be jammed solid.

There were slight problems getting through honeypots like Burford, Stow on the Wold and Moreton in the Marsh, but nothing too serious. We stopped at Moreton for a quick snack at Greggs for lunch.

We arrived at Chesterfield, and glimpsed the famous Crooked Spire, from the ring road. It’s said to straighten itself if ever a virgin gets married in the church.

However, our hotel was some distance away. I didn’t fancy driving there, and it was far too hot (30ºC) to walk.

Maybe next time?

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