Posted by: travelrat | July 4, 2021

The Local

In the interval between the gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions, and starting to really travel again, I’m in danger of letting my blog posts become a succession of:

‘We went out to lunch at ….’

Here I’ll make an exception, for this is my ‘local’. In name only, though, for, despite it having been open for a number of years now, last week was the first time I’ve been in there. When I first moved into this area, there was nothing but a field here. And, I said:

‘What this place needs is a pub within walking distance …’

By the time it opened, though, my ‘pubbing’ habits changed. As, I suspect, have most people’s. I can’t say the last time I went into a pub purely to have a drink. Most hostelries these days have to offer food, entertainment or both. And, if there’s another pub nearby, then that food/entertainment has to be better than the ‘Pig and Unicorn’ across the road.

On this occasion, I went into the ‘Orchard’ for a meal (and, very nice it was, too). I was entertaining visitors; I don’t usually eat there because I only live a 15-minute walk away. So, that’s probably why it’s not the place ‘ … where everyone knows my name’

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