Posted by: travelrat | June 20, 2021


Someone told me about a couple of new features on YouTube. That set me to thinking:

‘I haven’t posted anything on YouTube for ages!’

That’s due to a number of circumstances, the main one being I haven’t been able to go anywhere to make any video. My last trip was to Portugal last September, and I didn’t take the GoPro. I’d had my usual day of ensuring all my devices and batteries were charged, and checking I was going to pack all the relevant chargers. But, something went wrong with the GoPro. Something went wrong with the socket into which the charging cable plugged.

The matter was easily dealt with … eventually; I just bought an external charger, which came with two spare batteries. But, I couldn’t do that right away; I was due to leave the following day.

However, my recently purchased Canon compact had a video feature on it, so I was able to make some footage on the Caves and Dolphins cruise. The pictures of the dolphins weren’t very good; they were too far away, really. And, as we went into the famous Benagil Cave … the battery died! I had a spare, but wasn’t really sufficiently hands-on with the new camera and had to fumble a bit to change it. By the time I’d got it working again, we were out of the cave.

(Moral: Start every day with a fresh battery, which you will have charged overnight)

Of course, everything’s working now. I’ve used the ‘down time’ caused by the lockdown to get really familiar with my gear. I just have to wait till restrictions are lifted some more, and I can go somewhere to use it.

Not much to see here; just keeping my hand in.

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