Posted by: travelrat | May 30, 2021

The Horn

The other day, I was turning right at a roundabout. I signalled correctly and stopped for a few seconds to give way to a car already on the roundabout. But, as I entered the roundabout, the car behind me sounded its horn. Why? I couldn’t think of anything I’d done to annoy him. Maybe it was someone who knew me?

You see, the problem with the car horn … sometimes known as the ‘Parisian Brake Pedal’ … is that, whether you want to say ‘hello!’, ‘excuse me!’ or ‘get out of the way, you dozy bugger!’ … the sound is still the same.  A device to select the tone you need would be nice, but I think such a facility would be illegal.

It doesn’t seem to apply to a small minority, however. Which leads me to another question. Are other tunes available beside ‘Dixie’ and ‘Colonel Bogey’?

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