Posted by: travelrat | May 2, 2021

Mobile Phones

Do you remember when mobile phones … weren’t really mobile? I remember a friend get taken to task for not answering his mobile. His reply:

‘I left it in the car. I’m not lugging that bloody thing all over the site!’

Of course, things have moved on since ‘mobiles’ were the size and weight of a breeze block, and just didn’t work in a lot of places. Although they’ve moved backwards in some respects. I heard one the other day that just went ‘brrriing brrriing’ like the old black bakelite Post Office Standard telephones. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my present phone to play ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ when I got a call, unlike a previous one. I had to settle for a cheery ‘How’s your father?/ All Right!’

Now, this may seem terribly old-fashioned, but all this phone will do is make and send calls and texts, and take not very good pictures. The modern (i.e. less than two years old) phone is required to do much more.

Look at, for instance, the disastrous ‘check and trace’ system. You were supposed to ‘download an app’ to your phone … which, of course, my phone, and I suspect countless others, doesn’t do. And, reading about these postulated ‘vaccination passports’, I see they’re chuntering about ‘downloading apps’ and ‘scanning QR codes’.

I’m worried. Does this mean I will have to upgrade to a Smartphone if I want to travel again?

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