Posted by: travelrat | March 14, 2021

First Flowers

According to our Met Office, Spring is here. They say it began on the 1st of March, but radio announcers and such have been calling it ‘Meteorological Spring’. This is, presumably, to avoid people protesting that the first day of Spring is actually on the 21st … the Spring Equinox, and that’s a good week off yet.

In practice, the seasons don’t take much notice of the calendar, anyway. I’ve known it to snow in April … and I also remember going for a walk in shirtsleeves in the middle of February.

I usually judge whether or not ‘Spring is Sprung’ by the flowers in the verges and hedgerows. Will the snowdrops or the celandines be first this year? Are the daffodils early? Primroses already? They’re not infallible signs; the times of their appearance vary from year to year. So, I don’t regard them as signs I can get the patio furniture out, or dig out my T-shirts.

For that, I wait till I’ve seen the first butterfly!

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