Posted by: travelrat | March 9, 2021

V for …


I’ve said of many a city something like ‘It’s nice, but I wouldn’t want to live here!’  I’m not really a ‘city person’, but, if I had to live in a city, Vancouver is one of the few I’d choose.


What can I say about Venice that hasn’t been written about extensively? Take a vaporetto to the island of Burano, and experience a place that’s as far from the popular image of Venice that it’s possible to get. But, if you visit the extensive lace factories/shops … keep a firm grip on your credit card!


  1. But what about the rain in Vancouver? I can resist the lace in Burano but I can’t resist the Murano glass anywhere in Venice and they get it into all the shops. I even spent a small fortune on it in Stresa a few years back in a gorgeous shop I discovered that sold only Murano. My friend had to stop me from mortgaging the house to buy a glass tiger!

    • Sounds like we notched up another place that has the reputation ‘it’s always raining’ & we had a beautiful couple of days there. However, I remembered a visiting friend, who, when I apologised for the weather said ‘I’m from Vancouver. I’m used to rain!’. So, we went prepared … although the waterproofs and umbrellas weren’t used.

      (I’m used to rain, too. I’m from Cumbria!)

      • And I’m from N. Ireland so I, too, am used to rain.

  2. Amazing shot👏🏻 hope you will like my blog & photography as well ☺️

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