Posted by: travelrat | January 21, 2021

The Old Town

Albufeira: 12th September 2020

I was just about to dismiss Albufeira as a rather neutral resort town, that could have been located anywhere on the Mediterranean, when we came upon the Old Town. From Paõ de Bandera, where the land trains and the HoHo buses call, you just ride down a slight cliff on a London Underground-style escalator, and there you are.

We noted how much it’s absorbed the ‘tourist stuff’ without really altering the character of the buildings very much. There are old buildings, and mosaic patterned pavements, and the beach is still called ‘Fisherman’s Beach’, although I suspect that little, if any, fishing goes on here nowadays. If there’s any commercial fishing still going on, I suspect it’s now based at the Marina, a short distance away.

It’s sort of absorbed the bars and souvenir shops without taking them over completely. I was particularly taken with one establishment. Unfortunately, it was closed, so I was unable to check out whether or not it sold Newcastle Brown!

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