Posted by: travelrat | December 8, 2020

I for ….

We’ve already reached I in my ‘alphabet game’, and the two countries I’ve chosen are what the Air Force would call a ‘target-rich environment’. In both countries, photographers used to be advised ‘Estimate how much film you’ll need, then take twice as much’ Maybe the same holds for memory cards?

India: I am so trying to avoid the clichés of cows, elephants, Taj Mahal, palaces and such. I’ve chosen this one to reinforce one of my hobby horses; those bicycle rickshaws make ideal platforms for photographing the ordinary life on the streets.


Here’s another place I’d advise to take some super high-capacity memory cards, for I spent a lot of time in ‘burst mode’, which enabled me to catch this shot of the geysir of Strokkur.


  1. Both strongly indicative of the ‘I’ countries and I especially liked the Icelandic one. Hope you’re watching the Icelandic saga on BBC 4 on Saturday nights. Not as good as the last one I think, but I’m hooked on this one although the cold air doesn’t seem to be so all-enveloping and I’m not constantly saying to myself “Why does anyone live in that place?”

    • Well, as the Norwegians say: ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing’ 😀

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