Posted by: travelrat | October 13, 2020

A for …..

This is supposed to be a travel blog, but nobody, anywhere, has been doing much travelling lately. Although I’m getting a bit short of material, I’d like to keep it going, so I devised something based on a game some of us played on Twitter earlier this year.

The idea was, we’d post a photograph of somewhere we’d been, working through the alphabet; a different letter each day. That’s what I shall do here, a different letter each week. This should keep me going for at least 26 weeks; I have Q, X and Z covered. And, if things haven’t started moving by then, I can start again, for I do have some items in reserve.

So, let’s begin … of course, with A.

Alaska: Skagway has one of the nicer cruise terminals. No ugly concrete blockhouses here; just a pier, with coaches and a train on the other side. Waiting to whisk you into the interior.

Adelaide: This used to be Rundle Street, one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city. Now it’s the Rundle Mall; still busy, but now pedestrianised.


  1. Which Holland ship is that?! I work (well… workED) on cruise ships and have done a season in Alaska.

    • Hi, Katie!

      That’s ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’ taken in Skagway, 2016.

  2. That’s a great idea and with 26 weeks to go we’ll surely manage to see off the worst of the virus by then.

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