Posted by: travelrat | September 3, 2020



That’s a word I sometimes use when the company I’m in precludes words that rhyme with ‘wit’ or ‘sugar’!

Earlier this week, we had plans in place; we were going to Portugal. This was ‘Plan D’; Plan A was Borneo (cancelled; Malaysia closed its borders because of COVID-19) Plan B (Croatia) and Plan C (Sardinia) (cancelled by the operator for insufficient numbers)

That didn’t leave a lot of the world … but, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office decreed Portugal was ‘safe’; we could go there and not have to quarantine on return.

Then, earlier this week, Portugal exceeded the ’20 cases per 100,000 population’ decreed by ‘our masters in Whitehall’. But, did they immediately order a quarantine, and advise against travel? Did they hell … and the latest news is they’ve ‘decided to decide’ whether to impose it or not later tonight (Thursday) or early tomorrow morning.

Which doesn’t leave us a lot of time to make alternative arrangements, if necessary. So, next week, I may be posting from Italy … or possibly Portugal. Or, maybe I’m not going nowhere … next week, anyway.

So, naturally, I feel like kicking something … or someone, preferably from the FCO!

But, I shall try my best to remain calm, and, to that end, I shall post some calming, tranquil pictures.

All together, now …. Ommmmm !!!

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