Posted by: travelrat | July 26, 2020

An Answer and Plan B.

First, I’ll give the answer to the ‘mystery object’ I posted last week. It’s a cigarette lighter, but a somewhat different one. Many strange lighters were produced in Royal Air Force workshops in the 1920s and 30s, using any scrap items that came to hand. This one was made from a 1½” nut, a couple of old pennies and a few odds and sods. I picked it up at a jumble sale in the 1960s, and my old Flight Sergeant (‘Chiefie’) told me about them.

In fact, as a young airman, he’d turned out one or two … usually at a profit … himself.

‘But, I usually used .303 bullet cases. Polished up beautifully, they did!’

If COVID-19 taught us one thing, it’s not to plan too far ahead, especially as regards travel. Our trip to Borneo in September has been cancelled. We got a refund, and will probably put the money aside, and re-book next year when, hopefully, things are a bit clearer.

Naturally, ‘Plan B’, was discussed … and I’m not saying what that is, lest I put the banjax on it; all the ducks aren’t quite in a row at the moment.

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