Posted by: travelrat | July 7, 2020

Stonehenge is Open!

I’ll just take a little break from the ‘Vietnam Diary’, because, a couple of days ago, I ‘went somewhere’ for the first time since the lockdown started … that is, if you don’t count the trip into Salisbury to get my car serviced.

On the 4th July, Stonehenge re-opened. But, I shan’t be resuming my volunteer role there yet. Since I belong to the ‘Threescore and Ten Club’ … as, indeed, do quite a few of us … I’ve been advised to stay away for the moment.

But, I did respond to an invitation for some of us to attend the day before it opened. The intention was to show us the arrangements to ensure social distancing that had been put in place, and to receive feedback on how they worked.

At the moment, you have to book beforehand, and numbers are limited. Visitors are encouraged to walk to the Stones from the Visitor Centre, and leave the shuttle buses for those unable to do so. A path has been established, across the fields and through Fargo Wood; a pleasant walk indeed, and much preferable to the rather boring trudge along the old A344. The walk along the road is for those returning, forming a one-way system.

There’s a one-way system at the Stones, too. You have to walk around them in a clockwise direction … which is the way the audio guides always directed you anyway. That’s the way I tackle any form of circular walk; being from the North Country, I was brought up to believe that, to walk ‘withershins’ would invite bad luck.


  1. Hope you get back soon to continue your volunteering. I think we shall all be glad to resume our ‘normal’ life even though lockdown hasn’t been too bad for a lo of us. Nice post, informative and interesting.

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