Posted by: travelrat | June 28, 2020

Video … Through the Ages

I was trawling through some old pictures, when I came upon this one, taken in 1994. I know what it looks like … but she’s NOT video-ing her knees! Back in those days, that was the only way of viewing the footage you’d taken, until you got home. Then, you’d put the cassette into an adaptor, and put it in your video recorder/player. Even then, you probably couldn’t do much with it, unless you were very rich, and/or had a lot of spare time on your hands.

That camcorder went to the charity shop some years ago, and I haven’t any of that analogue footage left. It could be converted to digital, but, even at ‘mate’s rates’, the cost would have been horrendous.

Nowadays, though, with digital cameras and computer software, just about anything is possible. Maybe the results won’t be professional, but they’ll usually be presentable. Camcorders have changed, too. The little Panasonic I used to have … indeed, still have; last used when I let my grandsons play with it … would easily slip into a pocket. The GoPro I presently use is even smaller; it’s about the size of a box of matches.

The little Canon compact I just bought has a video feature, too. I haven’t tried that yet; I will, when I find something worth video-ing. And, I rather regret that I couldn’t save some of that analogue video. Maybe another African safari, or Nile Cruise is on the cards, to replace it? Maybe I should keep buying the lottery tickets?


  1. That’s a great reason for repeat trips – to re-capture some video footage 👌📹 but I think you can also buy VHS converters on Amazon that save the footage into digital format- not really expensive either, might be worth a try!!

    • Unfortunately, they got junked long ago. They weren’t very good, anyway,

      • Guess you’ll have to start planning some more trips then lol 😉

  2. What I regret most is having disposed of my early tape recordings of family get togethers, sing-songs etc. (yes, it was that sort of family) on my old Grundig tape recorder. Kept the tapes for ages but the cost of having them transcribed was horrendous. Now that I’m much older I would love to have them back and I’d willingly pay the price to hear my father sing again.

    • We had an elderly male relative visiting from overseas. He commandeered our camcorder, and filmed just about everything with a rambling, inane commentary. He requested a copy of the tape … we said you can have it! I wonder if he still has it?

      • He’s probably left it to you in his will, being aware of your sacrifice in giving it t him.

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