Posted by: travelrat | June 7, 2020

Dress Codes

A certain consumer website was once visited by a ‘reviewer’ who complained he didn’t enjoy his Alaska cruise …. ‘ … because I hadn’t been advised to bring warm clothing’. Surely, I thought, someone’s having a laugh; nobody could be that dense. But, I’ve since come across several people to whom it might apply.

Mind you, if you do go properly equipped for colder climes, on some ships, you’re sometimes hard put to find somewhere to stash your gear. I suppose the thinking is all you need for cruising are some shorts, a few T shirts and a pair of flip-flops … garish Hawaiian shirts and Yogi Bear hats are optional!

That’s in theory, though! At dinner, in the dining room, there’s usually a dress code. Sometimes, it’s not too rigidly enforced, but, for men, it’s usually long trousers and a ‘proper’ shirt; sometimes, a jacket and tie is specified. These rules didn’t apply, though, if you ate in the buffet.

(This was before CV-19; when cruising resumes, it may be that buffet meals will be a thing of the past)

Then there is the formal night … suit or maybe jacket and tie are the order here. But, some men like to wear dinner suits … even me; I bought one some years ago, when I found out it was less expensive to buy one than it was to rent one for the duration of a cruise. And, I suppose there’s a very remote chance I might get invited to an awards ceremony of some sort?

One or two of the trips we’re looking at for the future are ‘land trip plus cruise’ kind of affairs … and, we’re thinking … do we want really to haul formal finery through the Central American jungle, or somewhere? And, what sort of shape will it be in when we finally board?

(Please note: I’ve only dealt with men’s wear here. I would not presume to comment on feminine apparel!)

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