Posted by: travelrat | May 26, 2020

Hoi An to Hué

Han Van Pass

Hué: 18th November 2019

Today, we had a coach ride to Hué, passing through Da Nang. We stopped at a workshop here, where sculptors carved statues from limestone and marble.  I think the purpose was genuinely to show the skill of the artisans, rather than to persuade us to buy something. I did like the idea of one of those stone Buddhas for the garden … but, thinking of hauling it around for the rest of the tour, and the cost of freighting it home caused the idea to be rejected almost immediately.

Continuing to Hué, the road led over a mountain pass, the Hai Van Pass. At the top of the pass, we had a rest stop at a rather squalid market, which was so untypical of the Vietnam we’ve experienced so far. It was a rather shambolic collection of stalls and shops, manned by extremely pushy vendors. And, you couldn’t use the toilet unless you bought something.

But, what a view! There was a beautiful beach far below, dotted with people surfing. I thought back to a film (Apocalypse Now, I think) with a manic Colonel bellowing ‘Charlie don’t surf! Seems like he does now, although I suspect that ‘Charlie’ is not a very acceptable term to use in Vietnam these days.

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