Posted by: travelrat | March 15, 2020



I thought that, in the midst of all the gloom, doom and negativaty that’s going around at the moment, I’d post a Happy Picture

I wasn’t going to write anything about this subject, because I am in no way qualified to really comment on it. My highest ‘medical qualification’ is a First Aid at Work Certificate I gained sometime in the 1980s. Also, I have no wish to pass on some of the hysteria, half-truths, and downright false information that’s being circulated on both mainstream and social media.

In fact, I’m suspicious about anything that isn’t written by someone with the honorifics ‘Doctor’ or ‘Professor’ before their name!

But, I can write about how it affects travel plans … although even that’s changing by the hour. What I’d advise is … if you hadn’t any plans, don’t make any just yet. But, if you already have something booked, that’s a different matter. If you decide to cancel a booked trip because of misgivings about coronavirus, the chances are you won’t get back any money you have paid out, unless the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (or equivalent where you live) has issued advice not to go there … or if, indeed, your destination has ‘closed its doors’, as some countries have.

You’re in the best case if you’ve booked a package, with ATOL protection, as we have. That way, if the operator cancels for any reason, you should receive a full refund.

So, although it could change, our May trip to Borneo is still on. In the event it doesn’t happen, we shan’t lose out … we’ll just formulate a ‘Plan B’ closer to the time. Maybe we’ll postpone the trip; maybe we’ll go somewhere else.

It should be considered, though, whether ‘go somewhere else’ is the best advice. A leading newspaper recently published an article ‘Ten Destinations That Aren’t Affected By Coronavirus’. That, I considered irresponsible, and should maybe have read ‘Ten Places You Can Go And Spread Coronavirus’.

(This was the same newspaper that, a couple of days ago, a joker in a supermarket took a stack of, and placed in the empty toilet paper rack!)

Just as long as something happens before I run out of things about Vietnam to post about, or otherwise, after 12 years, I shall finally run out of ‘blogunition!’


  1. Great post 😁

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