Posted by: travelrat | March 8, 2020

Mainly Cutlery

While doing my research for the upcoming trip to Borneo, my attention turned to what I called the basics … like, which side of the road they drive on?; what kind of power points do they use? And, so on … If the guide book doesn’t give the answer … and I’ve seen a few that don’t give what I regard as trivial, but essential information … then a quick search of the web will usually provide the information you need.

Except one item. I wanted to know what was the preferred eating implement of choice in Borneo? Chopsticks or knives and forks? No-one seemed to know. Even Sally, who lived in Malaysia for many years, said:

‘I don’t know about Borneo, but on mainland Malaysia, it depends on your ethnic origins, and the type of food you’re eating. We’re ethnic Chinese and we mostly eat Chinese food with chopsticks. But, other foods, we used a knife and fork’.

I suppose I could adopt the military habit of always carrying my ‘fighting irons’, ‘gobbling rods’ or ‘KFS’ (Knife, fork and spoon) in the event of the opportunity of any ‘scran’  presenting itself. I often used to do this while flying, because I always found the plastic ones a bit too fiddly. That, of course, was before such things were banned, in case I used them to take over the aircraft.

However, a recent article in a travel magazine suggested taking a bamboo ‘spork’ … that is, a cross between a spoon and a fork. That, it was suggested, might prevent all that nasty plastic polluting the environment. Good thought, but I can’t really see it happening. I’m pretty sure that plastic cutlery goes into the trash anyway … whether you use it or not.

But, maybe the airlines will eventually start handing out bamboo cutlery with their meals?

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