Posted by: travelrat | February 20, 2020


Victoria Embankment 1

London: 11th March 2020

We don’t often visit London. I often say we never go there, only pass through it on the way to somewhere else. My journal only records visits to St. Pancras Station and Heathrow and London/City Airports. There used to be the annual trip to the World Travel Market, which usually just involved arrival at the Victoria Coach Station, a short walk to the Underground and Tube/Docklands Light Railway to Custom House.

But, it happened that we had business in Town, so the plot was hatched. Coach in; short ride on the Tube; do the business; short ride on the Tube; coach home. Bish, bash, bosh, as they say. Job done!

It happened, though, that the ‘business’ only took about 20 minutes. Which left us a considerable time before our coach. So, we took a stroll along the Victoria Embankment to while away the time. Not too long a stroll, there was a biting wind blowing. But, I did get a couple more items for the photo files.

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