Posted by: travelrat | February 6, 2020

I Am a (Compact) Camera

Blue Tit 2

Last month, I was shown a compact camera. I got a real shock when I tried out the zoom feature … I got better results than with my DSLR!

It must have been 40 years ago when, to obtain similar results, I had to carry around a heavy bag. It would contain two camera bodies; one for print film and one for slide. There’d be three lenses … one of the ones that came with the cameras, plus my favourite ‘guns’, Long Tom and Fat Betty. Plus, a load of filters, 2X adaptors etc.

That changed when I went ‘fully digital’ about 15 years ago. If I couldn’t do those functions in camera, I could usually do them on the computer. The only lens I needed was the short zoom lens that came with the camera.

I wonder, though, if the designers of DSLRs thought that perhaps they should be the same size and shape as the 35mm SLRs that most photographers would be familiar with? Could they maybe have been made any smaller? True, the ‘bridge camera’ had been introduced, with a mind-blowingly awesome zoom, which would do away with the need to carry a battery of lenses around. But, most of them are well expensive, and there’s not a great saving in weight or bulk.

Up till now, I’d regarded the compact as a ‘snapshot camera’ … although I did try to avoid treating it with the disdain those Rolleiflex-toting dinosaurs in the Camera Club of long ago treated 35mm users, When I’d seen how well the compact performed, I asked if Nikon did something similar; having used Nikons since the early 1980s I feel a certain brand loyalty. No, I was told … Nikon are moving away from them, as there’s too much competition from mobile phones.

So, I bought a Canon … a Powershot SX620HS to be precise. I’m still at the ‘take the camera for a walk’ every day stage, and still trying to get used to not having an eye-level viewfinder, but I’ve had pretty good results so far,

These pictures were taken from the same viewpoint- using the zoom

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