Posted by: travelrat | January 9, 2020

A Quick Call in Ireland

Ringaskiddy: 27th June 2019

We were due to dock at Cobh, but the berth had been re-assigned … to another ship from the same company. We docked on the other side of the bay, at Ringaskiddy, and the only thing I found attractive about it is its name.  We could see Cobh out of the window, though, and it does look rather pleasant.


We didn’t take any of the tours on offer, Kinsale we rejected, because we had been on holiday there some years before, and Blarney Castle … been there; done that. And, there really wasn’t time in port to go further afield. However, there was a free shuttle bus arranged to take us into Cork.

In the short time allotted, there was only time for a quick look around, and we didn’t see anything we recognised from our previous visit.

But, we didn’t see very much then, either.


We did do a little shopping. I had about 30 euros left over from a previous trip, which I’d stashed in a safe place. So safe, I forgot where I put it! But, they readily accepted a card, and the charges weren’t too onerous. Maybe that’s the way we’ll go on future trips?

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