Posted by: travelrat | December 29, 2019


While we were away, we were invited to go and see an ‘Elton John Tribute Act’. Now, I am by no means Mr. John’s greatest fan, and I’m not really familiar with his work, so I don’t feel qualified to pass judgement on the act.

But, it seems that everyone who’s ever come within spitting distance of the Top Forty in the last fifty years has a ‘tribute act’ going for them. With my ‘grumpy hat’ on, I think … must they copy someone else? Can’t anyone think of anything original any more? It’s getting like the movie world, with its constant remakes and sequels … very few of which is as good as the original.

Mind you, some tribute acts are very good. We once saw a ‘Queen’ tribute act which was nearly as good as the original. Some, though, are a little bit short of perfection. We witnessed an Abba tribute act … well, they sang Abba songs. There was just the two girls … no sign of ‘Bjorn’ and ‘Benny’. Of course, all the boys did was go ‘oom-pa-pa!’ in the background … and write the songs!

They were followed by a singer who sang Elvis songs. To be fair, he made no attempt to look like ‘The King’; in fact, he wore a business suit, and bore a strong resemblance to a leading British politician. I wish I’d had a video camera to hand. I’m sure ‘Michael Gove Sings Elvis’ would have got quite a few hits on YouTube!

Speaking of Elvis, does anyone know why, although everyone else gets ‘tribute acts’ … Elvis gets ‘impersonators’?


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