Posted by: travelrat | December 8, 2019



Some years ago, I suggested the word ‘stoup’ for a dish that’s halfway between a soup and a stew, and which usually required a knife and fork to eat. It didn’t catch on, though. The Vietnamese, however, do have a word for such a meal. Pho … pronounced like a French speaker saying feu. It’s the national food of Vietnam … I think; if it isn’t, it ought to be.

My first pho was a bit of a surprise. For the soup course, they brought a bowl, containing a sort of chicken salad and some noodles. Funny soup, I thought … then the waiter came round with a kettle sort of affair, and poured soup over it. I ate it with chopsticks before reverting to the soup spoon. That, apparently, is the way it’s done, and I like it! I find noodles much easier than rice to deal with using chopsticks.

Many shops we passed offered pho, and there are many variations. We saw many Vietnamese sitting outside the shops and stalls eating it. It formed part of our meals on one or two occasions; sometimes chicken, sometimes beef, but each time, I’d made a considerable hole in it before I thought to photograph it.

Until the last day …!!



  1. I never think to photograph food until I’ve nearly finished it. Greedy maybe? Can’t wait to start? Pho I loved while in Cambodia – along with the bread which I thought was great.

    • Probably, like me, you grew up without photographing every morsel that passed your lips, and can’t get used to the idea? I’m the same with hotel rooms: I don’t think to photograph them until I’ve scattered my stuff all over the place. 😀

      • That’s made my day! I sometimes feel as though I’m the only one who misses out on photographing mundane things. I have friends who photograph their hotel bedrooms, bathrooms, facilities etc. before they’ve even kicked off their shoes.

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