Posted by: travelrat | November 26, 2019

Back from South East Asia.

Cambodia Boatman

We just returned from our tour of S.E.Asia, and it’s damp, drizzly and miserable. I wish I was back in Vietnam! It’s tempting to start posting about it right away, but I do want to set things in order, as I usually do. I’m rather tired, too, which doesn’t usually make for good blogging; an 11-hour flight does rather take it out of you.

I do have favourable mention of Thai Air, with whom we flew. Although Economy Class is never everyone’s idea of Heaven, the cabin crew did try to ensure it wasn’t a too traumatic experience. The food was acceptable … but the inflight entertainment was not to my taste; the only films I thought worth watching were North by Northwest and Superman.

At Bangkok, we transferred to a smaller, prop driven aircraft to fly to Siem Riep. It was only a 40 minute flight, but they still managed to serve out a light meal.

We had a bad moment at Siem Riep, when one of our bags failed to show on the carousel. However, the ever-helpful staff soon found it; it had fallen off the carousel before it entered the baggage hall.

Leaving the airport, we met our National Escort, Sokhoeun, who conducted us to the Lotus Blanc Resort Hotel, and, in the following days, would show us some of what Cambodia has to offer.


  1. Great post 🙂

  2. We shall wait impatiently for your next post. Meantime, rest up and “recollect in tranquility” as Wordsworth advised.

    • I am, at the moment, lying on my couch. as Wordsworth would say ‘ … in vacant and in pensive mood’ … just thinking about sorting my photos and videos, and sorting out some notes for my next post.

  3. I’m glad they found your bag, it must be one of the worst feelings when it doesn’t show up 🙂🛬

  4. I have a policy that ‘if it would break your heart to lose it, put it in your hand baggage, or leave it at home’.

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