Posted by: travelrat | November 8, 2019

I’m a Millionaire!

Shortly, we’ll be off on our travels again. The other day, we collected our Vietnamese money and … surprise, surprise! … overnight, I’ve become a millionaire!

I had some discussion on social media with someone who wondered whether dong, the name of the Vietnamese currency, was singular or plural. I don’t speak Vietnamese, but I’d guess it must be both (like sheep!) because you couldn’t buy many sherbert dabs with a single dong; it’s only worth about .03 of a penny.

So, shortly, I shall put the blog into ‘standby’, and take my newfound riches off to South East Asia. I shall try to post a few pictures while I’m away … our schedule and availability of wifi permitting!


  1. Have a wonderful time – and don’t go spending all that money on day one!!

  2. Enjoy the feeling of being a millionaire and I don’t envy you the headache of converting it every time you make a purchase. I well remember the shock of being told the price of things and even though I knew I only had to knock a few noughts off, the initial impulse was to think I couldn’t afford it.
    I’m sure you’ll love Vietnam, and go ahead and enjoy it.

    • Here in Cambodia, most prices are in US dollars; if your change comes to less than a dollar, they give you the equivalent in local currency. I have amassed 2400 rials so far. I might buy a postcard, or just drop it in a charity box.

      • Do you remember the days when in Italy they gave you change in sweets? My husband loved it because he loved boiled sweets but I longed for a piece of chocolate which we never got. Nor did we ever work out how they judged how many sweets to give us. Ah, sweet days of inflation!

      • Yes! That’s how the custom some places still have of bringing a little biscuit or something with your coffee originated,

      • Really? I didn’t know that. How interesting. I shall enjoy the custom more now that I know its origins.

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