Posted by: travelrat | October 23, 2019

The Tender Trap


Isafjordur: 23rd June 2019

I’ve written before about the pitfalls of tendering ashore when cruising, and at Isafjord, another aspect manifested itself.  That is, when you’re scheduled to dock there, but, at the last minute, it’s announced that transfer ashore will be by tender. Our tour was due to start at 12.30; lunch opened at 12.00     BUT we were advised to allow at least 30 minutes for the tender transfer.  So … no lunch. Not a great issue for us; we’re hardly going to starve if we miss a meal. But, some might take the opposite view.

The tour itself wasn’t very inspiring, anyway. A visit to the Arctic Fox Centre was promised … but it was extremely unlikely we’d see any Arctic foxes; someone said even the staff there seldom saw them. But, we were informed, there are plenty of stuffed ones. We wondered that, if we decided it wasn’t worth the hassle, and knocked the idea on the head …. would we get a refund?

In the event, the problem solved itself. Owing to the weather, we bypassed Isafjordur completely, and sailed directly to Reykjavik.

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