Posted by: travelrat | October 13, 2019

My Sunday Rant: Plastic Pumpkins


The ‘Sunday Rant’ is back!

Its appearance has been a little sporadic of late, because I couldn’t think of anything to rant about. But, with Hallowe’en coming up, the Rant has finally raised its head.

Not, you understand, that I have anything against Hallowe’en as such. If nothing else, the kids have fun, and, around here, generally don’t bother you when they come around trick-or-treating if you don’t have a pumpkin lantern outside, and you leave your porch light off.

The pumpkin lantern is the thing, though. You make them by scooping out the innards of a pumpkin, and, if you’re a very thrifty person, you might serve those innards with a roast, or put them in a stew, or make soup or something. In Britain, they haven’t been around for too long; when I was a kid we made turnip lanterns, instead. Some of us couldn’t say what a pumpkin looked like, unless the panto last year had been ‘Cinderella’!

No quarrel with that, either; what’s got under my toenails this week is a visit to the supermarket where they displayed … plastic pumpkin lanterns!! This really saddens me. Can’t the kids tear themselves away from their devices long enough to make them? Are parents really so busy that they can’t take the time to help their children make them?

More to the point, do we really need more unnecessary plastic in the environment? When a ‘real’ pumpkin lantern is finished with, you can toss it on the compost heap. Even if it’s just scattered down the street, (not that I condone it!) the birds will eat it, eventually.


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