Posted by: travelrat | October 6, 2019

Egypt Without the Pyramids … and Other Places

Sakkara 01

Someone once wrote that to visit Crete without walking the Samaria Gorge was ‘like visiting Egypt without seeing the Pyramids’. I have been to Crete and Egypt, and I have walked the Samaria Gorge and seen the Pyramids. But, I don’t think that omitting these attractions really detracts from your visit. I’ve done subsequent trips which didn’t include them.

Iron Gates Samaria1

I have a wish to see more of a couple of countries I’ve already been to, but am rather put off by the brochures. Yes, I’m offered tours of Peru … but the vast majority of these include Cuzco and Machu Picchu, which I’ve already seen. Are there, in fact, tours of Peru that don’t include these? Or, do I have to put together my own package?


Likewise, India. We did the ‘Golden Triangle’ a couple of years ago, but everything I’ve seen so far contains some of the elements of this tour. Although, actually, I wouldn’t mind going to Ranthambore again; we might see some tigers this time!


  1. Great post 😁

  2. I’m hoping to do the Golden Triangle next year, all being well, and I hear the tigers at Rathambore are a bit on the shy side 😊🐯 I must admit, I do worry about tigers jumping up onto your jeep while you’re out there….😬

  3. Yes … tigers are mainly nocturnal, and tend to hide up during the day, and Ranthambore is one of the more popular tiger reserves. So, they tend to avoid humans … unless they’re REALLY hungry. Which doesn’t happen; there’s plenty of prey for them within the Park.

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