Posted by: travelrat | October 2, 2019


Godafoss 2

Godafoss: 22nd June 2019

Finally, we came to the imposing waterfall at Godafoss. There seems to be a waterfall around every corner in Iceland, but this is something special. We’d already had a glimpse on the way up to Lake Myvatn, and most people would be satisfied with even that. But, we got off the bus this time, and took a walk along the top of one of the cliffs bounding the river, to see the falls at their even more awesome. It’s even possible, with a lot of care, to climb down to the river bank, and scramble over the rocks for an even better view.

If you cast an eye back through these chronicles, you’ll see my attitude is by no means ‘see one waterfall, you’ve seen them all’ You might think that, having seen the mighty Iguazu Falls, all other falls of water would pale into insignificance. Not a bit of it: every waterfall has its own character. Even a slight trickle has its own atmosphere … but this is no slight trickle.

Their name means ‘Gods Falls’ … but not our God.  In 1000 AD, the ‘Lawspeaker’, who, I gather, both passed laws and enforced them, decreed that Iceland should henceforth convert to Christianity. And, to ensure this was observed, he collected up the images of the pagan gods, and cast them into the falls.

Godafoss 1


  1. Stunning!

  2. I love the name, Godafoss. Sounds fun somehow and the ‘foss’ part is quite onamatopoetic.

    • We have ‘fosses’ in the North of England, too, although it’s more usually spelt and pronounced ‘force’. The only ‘foss’ I can think of right now is ‘Janet’s Foss’ near Malham, in Yorkshire. But I’m sure there are others.

  3. Interesting.

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