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Skutustadagigar: 22nd June 2019.

Skutustadagigar was another place where I thought I might have trouble with the spelling, so, as I usually do in such cases, I photographed the sign, to ensure I got it right. From here, you get some good views of Lake Myvatn, but the main attraction is the grassy lava field, dimpled with what they called ‘false craters’. Not volcanic outlets, the guide explained, ‘but the sort of bubbles you get when your porridge boils’. These were formed in the hot lava from a long-ago volcanic eruption covered the land.

False Craters

And, it was here we saw the glorious chestnut plumage of the red-necked phalarope. Many thanks, again, to Sue and Tony for the identification …and to ‘Platypus Man’ for telling me the correct way to pronounce it!

Lake Myvatn 3


  1. Nice photos, as usual, and I like the contrast of snow and green grass.

    • Thank you! Love snow on mountains; it really makes you ‘lift up your eyes unto the hills’ !!!

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